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Everywhere we see only the spoons and forks on the dining table in houses and hotels. If some one is eating with hand others will look at him as non cultured person. Even some parents train their children to use only spoons in house. The reason they say that children hands will be dirty hence it causes some infections.

Hence we will find out what are the benefits by eating food with our own hands scientifically.. 
....Read the following carefully .....

1.Hands touching the food will give strength to body 

2. When you take food with hand,millions of nerves will send the signal to the brain.

3. When we touch the food with hand , brain will signal the stomach so that proper digestive juices and enzymes will be produced to digest the food.

4. When you take food with hand , not only you will be healthy ,at the same time it ensure no thoughts in the mind and gives more concentration.

5. We use more oils in the cooking of food , when we use spoon that metal react with oil then food looses its taste.

6. When you mix the food with all fingers that will ensure the proper blood circulation.

7. When you take the food with hand, the moment fingers touch the lips it will produce the saliva in the mouth.

8. Hence taking food with hand we will be away from diseases, proper digestion will happen. This becomes an exercise as Per the PURANAS.

9. Each finger in the hand has got different character as shown in below 

THUMB:  represents fire 

INDEX Finger:  air 

Middle finger : Space (sky)

Ring finger : Earth 

Small finger :  water 

When these fingers touch the food the LIFE force will be activated in the Physical body...


By the reading this article we came to know that there are so many benefits by using Our HAND to eat any food. Do not use any spoons and Forks for eating food  including adults and our children.  Share with your friends .........

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